Will YOU Beat The Beast?

“I Beast because I love the camaraderie of people helping each other through the obstacles and I love supporting the Barber Center!”  – Dr. Reichel

Participating in Barber Beast on the Bay has become a tradition for Dr. Reichel since he beat the Beast for the first time in 2013. Through sand, water, and trails the Beast course is challenging, yet rewarding with human and manmade obstacles to overcome from Erie’s Beach 11 to the finish line at Waldameer. This year, Dr. Reichel will again participate in the 10 mile & 30 course obstacle challenge on the shores of Presque Isle. He has been preparing with early morning workouts and Saturday morning runs on the beaches – he even bought sand running shoes!

Whether it is climbing a wall, crawling on sand, or trudging through Lake Erie, Dr. Reichel is honored to say he’s a participant in the annual Barber National Institute’s Beast on the Bay. The Beast on the Bay helps support the the institute’s work with children and adults with disabilities. Whether you’re on the course, in a cheer zone (wave hi to Dr. Reichel as he passes!), or at the finish line, the Beast on the Bay is a community driven event with one common goal.

So, whaddya say? Will YOU join Dr. Reichel and beat the Beast?